153 Children

Deutscher Kinderverein

153 children died in 2013 from maltreatment Project Owner Deutscher Kinderverein e.V. Project Partner kremer agency GmbH Period 2014 When it comes to fundraising against child abuse, we are of course right there with you. The initiative commemorated the 153 children who died in Germany in 2013 as a result of abuse.

Saint Francis Foundation Heiligenbronn

The Evolution of the Web

Saint Francis Foundation Accessible Website Project Partner kremer agency GmbH Period 2009 to 2010 In 2009 we set up a TYPO3 application with special requirements. The St. Francis Foundation cares for disabled, old and needy people. Therefore accessibility was a main concern. In 2010 we extended the application with schedules and a picture gallery. The […]

NRW Auto

Black Mercedes Benz

The project goal of NRW Auto was to enable companies to keep their presentation on the state portal up-to-date themselves via the online administration area. The data obtained in this way could be transferred on-demand to the VIA Editor on the ministry official’s computer, and served as a basis for the production of CD-ROMs for location marketing at trade fairs and events.