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Divi Perfomance Enhancement

Image © Elegant Themes Nick Roach, founder and CEO of Elegant Themes, just announced a performance update for my favorite theme: Divi. The theme now concatenates and minifies CSS and JavaScript. Wait! Isn’t that exactly what Autoptimize, my favorite concatenation plugin, does?! So, how do they work together? Does Divi replace Autoptimize or do they complement each other? Time to pull on our lab …

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WTF is Liebhaberei

Image © pixabay Imagine you are a  single person company, a freelancer with business registration. Imagine further that you also have a company constituted under civil law running, let’s call it Civlaw GbR, with a friend who also owns a single person business. Bot of you mainly work for Civlaw GbR. The obvious thing to do would …

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Divi Toggle on Mouseover

We all know and love the Divi Toggle Module, right? Imagine you’d feel the urgent need to toggle that thing not only on click but on mouseover as well. Go ahead, try it with those Elementor toggles. Separate Toggle One Zombie ipsum reversus ab viral inferno, nam rick grimes malum cerebro. De carne lumbering animata corpora …

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WordPress Gone Wrong

Image © CHEEZburger When I get called to the rescue it usually is because of a project getting stuck on something. This time, the development contractor simply refused to keep working on a project they got this far with a 5000€ budget. When done right, you can get really far with a 5k budget on a WordPress …

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AdBlockWars | Death Star powering up

Media agencies have sent their lobbyists to inform our federal government about the need for action concerning AdBlockers. They claim that adblocking is illegal because a website should be considered a product in its intirety, adds included. Adblockers garble said product by interfering with the website’s software. Fun times ahead. Their last bold move backfired hard …

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WTF is Auftragsdatenverarbeitung

Image © pixabay The wonderful word Auftragsdatenverarbeitung describes the scenario when a service contractor receives personal data to process it. The principal is responsible for the contractor to adhere to legal regulations. Adherence has to be monitored throughout contract duration and we want to remember the obligation to document all that. This is why Google Analytics provides a Contract …

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3 reasons to use free software

Image | CC0 pixabay March 2017 European Commissian study recommends that policies emphasise open source. Click on the list to get there. February 2017 I can completely relate to this guy hating on Microsoft for wasting his time with forced updates and monetizing every keystroke he does. When Microsoft got insistent with pushing windows 10 onto their …

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WTF is Außergerichtliche Streitschlichtung

Image © pixabay From this day forward it’s going to be only Verbraucherschlichtungsverfahren first! Verbraucherstreitbeilegungsgesetz Because there are so many laws and regulations here in Germany we can squabble about, our courts have a hard time keeping up. Let’s pass another convoluted law to ease their burden, shall we? Here goes: if you are a company and if you have …

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WTF is Privacy Shield

Update 16. May 2017 The Federal Court of Justice (BGH) confirms dynamic IP addresses of website visitors to be personal data protected by law. This is made clear by the highest German court in a judgment today. Topic We have a problem here in Europe, Germany especially. Our data protection law is very strict. We need …

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Image © pixabay If you want to move to Germany and be self-employed and you meet certain criteria, then you most likely will be issued a residence permit (for both you and your family) if you can show that your business will have a positive effect on the German economy. Source How To Germany To receive a …


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