JavaScript on Divi Buttons

Imagine you’d need the Button Module of our beloved Divi theme to execute JavaScript on click like this: Execute JavaScript This is very convenient to do if you know the Divi Code Module. We need a button with an id first so we enter js-caller at our Button Module Settings Advanced tap into the CSS ID field. We then add a Code Module to the post to hold the JavaScript …

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XING Social Icon Font for Divi

Image © XING In the German speaking area we have a social network called XING which is quite relevant. It is like LinkedIn but located in Hamburg, Germany and quite established while it exists since 2003. Until 2006 it was named openBC or Open Business Club which pretty much tells what it is all about. If you have anything to do with freelancing or job placement …

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WooCommerce Shipping

WooCommerce Free Shipping Excluded

Image | CC0 pixabay Let’s say we have a webshop selling accessories that can be shipped in ordinary parcels. You want to ship those for free when the order exceeds 100€ – classsic free shipping per minimum order value. Now we decide to sell furniture as well with said webshop. Furniture has to be shipped differently – per trucking company – …

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Multi Day Event

Multi Day Events

Image | CC0 pixabay There are plenty comprehensive Event Calender Plugins available. We could not find one that neatly handles events spanning multiple days with different time schedules though. Let’s write our own then, shall we? Learn Keep reading for an explanation on how to go on about it. Keep reading the button will take you to a step …

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Image © pixabay If you want to move to Germany and be self-employed and you meet certain criteria, then you most likely will be issued a residence permit (for both you and your family) if you can show that your business will have a positive effect on the German economy. Source How To Germany To receive a …


One Touch Scroll with Divi

Onepager are hot! No? Well, I’m doing alot of them lately. Storytelling ~ like when you lack proper content ~ you know?! So, I am just about to be done building that onepager with 5 big sections and fullwidth background images when it comes to the creative’s mind how cool it would be if scrolling from section …

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Evaluating WordPress Themes

Image © pixabay Are you looking for that specific drop in the ocean? You want to find the perfect Theme for your clients WordPress page? I’ve done this many times and it always is a time consuming process. There are so many great themes for every purpose and even purpose combinations, you will become a little overwhelmed after the …

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