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Divi Perfomance Enhancement

Image © Elegant Themes Nick Roach, founder and CEO of Elegant Themes, just announced a performance update for my favorite theme: Divi. The theme now concatenates and minifies CSS and JavaScript. Wait! Isn’t that exactly what Autoptimize, my favorite concatenation plugin, does?! So, how do they work together? Does Divi replace Autoptimize or do they complement each other? Time to pull on our lab …

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Savoy by Nordicmade

We had been on another theme hunt lately to find the perfect theme for an online-shop in kids couture: Baby Kochs. This is interesting because you can go two opposite routes design wise with kids fashion. Either playful to satisfy the baby/kid aspect or classy and stylish to go with a high fashion look. They …

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Webhosting by

I have worked with sooo many webhosting providers over the years ~ 1&1, Strato, Host-Europe, Mittwald, IP-Projects and several smaller ones to just name a few. I’ve been so impressed with lately that I’ve moved several projects there. Features There is a members area meant to manage profile, contracts, bills, etc. and a customer administration …

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Schema by MyThemeShop

After my not so lucky first steps with Authority, I felt like giving MyThemShop’s flagship theme Schema a try. Just like the themes themselves the reviews will be quite similar. A Little more in depth though because I did not encounter problems immidiately. Features Baseprice is 69$ but there usually is a discount code available. …

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Storefront by WooThemes

Storefront is a free theme from WooThemes, who is an affiliate to AUTOMATTIC. Those guys who made WooCommerce,, Jetpack, Akismet and several other renown products in the WordPress biotope. Features Storefront is free. Yay! Imagine you need a car and get the chassis donated. Yeah, that kind of free. It features only the most basic settings by …

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MTS Authority

Authority by MyThemeShop

MyThemeShop has caught my eye lately because they boldly claim to have made the fastest loading WordPress theme ~ Schema ~ on their portfolio. I love robust, fast loading themes to build upon so I thought I’d give their newest addition ~ Authority ~ a try. Features Baseprice is 69$ but there usually is a discount code available. Unlike other …

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Avada by ThemeFusion

Avada is the number one selling theme at envatomarket. And for a reason. It is the perfect theme if your client has capable web-authoring available inhouse. Price The regular license is 59$ which is dirt cheap considering the bazillion developer hours that must have gone into that theme. It licenses the theme for one website (end product) with future updates and …

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