GDPR and Generic E-Mail Accounts

Groupmail GDPR/DSGVO

How do you deal with topic-related e-mail accounts such as in times of the GDPR? How can you ensure that data protection is not violated for incoming e-mail addresses.

GDPR Consented Loading with Page Builders


You are probably as sick of GDPR advice as I am. Well, this is just a simple solution to load external sources like Google Maps, Disqus, Gists from GitHub or anything like that depending on given consent transparently. I’ve tested this solution with Divi, Elementor and Gutenberg even and it is expected to work with any Page […]

How to Prevent Divi from Loading Fonts from Google​


Divi is a big and widely used theme frantically evolving. It is sometimes not that clear why stuff happens and how to prevent it. I have spent hours recently to convince Divi to not load Google Fonts from the Google CDN but from my client’s Server instead. I here document the process in hope to preserve your […]