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About us.

The advent of the Internet has drastically changed how human beings engage with the world around them. webdev.trust was conceptualised as a one-stop-shop for the essential digital services that SMEs need to remain competitive in this challenging environment. webdev.trust was founded in 2018 as the culmination of decades of business planning and market analysis and a vision of allowing traditional entrepreneurs to capitalize on Industry 4.0 while preparing for Industry 5.0.

State-of-the-art SMEs need digital transformation to remain profitable, relevant and resilient, no matter what technological changes may occur. We craft customised digital solutions to ensure that your business strategy reaches its full potential and value.


Your team.

Our unique and innovative approach to business begins with our team. At webdev.trust, we place the utmost value on a combination of technical expertise and business ownership experience. The vast majority of our collaborative team are current or former SME operators who themselves experienced the transition from analogue to digital in real-time. webdev.trust not only pursues continuous development to stay current on leading-edge technology, we also collaborate cost efficiently to ensure that the value that we offer has a direct effect on your bottom line. As part of the digital generation, webdev.trust functions as a cohesive team across multiple time zones, minimizing overheads and empowering you to comprehensively, cost efficiently and securely digitize your SME, based on your unique needs.



Christian is a qualified data processing administrator with a wealth of experience as a small business owner and virtual business operator. He initially focused on promoting effective and direct communication between executive leadership and complex development teams, and successfully ensured the completion of several high-profile IT development projects. However, he saw beyond the corporate aspect of technology. Watching the technological revolution in real-time inspired him to pursue his ultimate passion – entrepreneurship. His ventures have included collaborative civil law partnerships to leverage specialist peer skills, as well as sole proprietorships, such as an interactive digital media outlet. An abundance of experience in diverse teams ans environments drew him towards high-level consulting, allowing him to forge connections up to the level of government. His passion, however, is supporting SMEs digitalize and streamline their operations, boost their revenue and present their best profile – in alignment with the very latest industry standards. 



Mirjam Behrends is an experienced Marketing Communications Specialist (DAMK), with comprehensive expert knowledge of corporate and SME advertising business operations. Her passion for balancing theoretical and practical knowledge was complemented during her studies by her concurrent job as a junior advertising account manager. From these ambitious beginnings, Mirjam selectively focused on building a reputation as an insightful customer consultant at both local and international levels. Her holistic client portfolio highlights her impressive and professional visual interpretations of corporate identity and design. She has ensured that her deep understanding of advertising and marketing needs ranges from the STEM fields to the service industry. Her client portfolio includes innovative food, sport and wellness brands, as well as clients with specialist requirements, such as medical technology and logistics companies. Mirjam makes every effort to go beyond ensuring customer satisfaction – she empowers SMEs to realize corporate identities that highlight their unique selling proposition.


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