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Did you know that 70% of all worldwide tax literature is about the German tax system? Yep, it’s that much fun. Entrepreneurship in Germany can be hard at times with all those rules and regulations we got. I should know as I am walking this path since more than two decades. Even for me, a properly educated German native, our Goliath of bureaucracy is sometimes hard to wrestle with. But what if you come to Germany not speaking German that well yet? How could you possibly build a business here?

I see many people struggling with our bureaucracy. Overwhelmed, left alone and thus not getting the opportunity they deserve. But what can I do to help? Not much but sharing my experience. Aiding with advice in what I am good at. And maybe it helps someone to get their very own business off the ground.


Christian Behrends graduated at the Chamber of Commerce as a “business administrator in data processing” in 1994. Those were supposed to establish efficient communication between the managing businessmen and the coding nerds. Kind of a Babelfish translating business to tech and vice versa to smoothen the bumpy process of software development.

From 1996 to 2000 he ran a shop for videogames that still exists – Game Company. In 2000 he knew business well enough to establish a company with a friend constituted under civil law: freewebber GbR. In 2009 they founded and started building wisedock GmbH, him and three friends.

After all these years in business, working with and for companies, charities, chambers, business organizations and ministries as project manager and full stack developer, Chris could keep pace with the rapid evolution of technologies and jurisdiction. He now wants to open-source his experience to fellow entrepreneurs and freelancers. He very much appreciates the courage and initiative of people starting their own business in Germany, especially when not native. If you are one of those and need a native speaker to help you with that just ask.