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Baby Kochs 2020

Baby Kochs has existed as a specialist shop run by the owner since 1877, when founder Josef Kochs (1856-1917) opened a shop for basketry and prams on Bolkerstraße in Düsseldorf.

Baby Kochs

A business that exists for so long does a lot right in terms of business decisions and business strategies. Baby Kochs has courageously taken on the challenges that come with the digitalization of the retail trade. The owners invested in the right places to keep up with the rapid commercial change.

Stages of cooperation

Since 2004 we have been working with Baby Kochs, back then as freewebber GbR. Originally, we set up their website and online shop with a specially developed content management system, which also included newsletter distribution.

Baby Kochs Layout 2004
Layout 2004

In 2010, after Baby Kochs moved from Wehrhahn to Breite Straße, we carried out a relaunch with a new look for the new location.

2013 we developed a site for mobile devices, which also used the content of the CMS. We implemented the device detection on the server side with the WURFL PHP API. Thus, different contents were delivered for different devices, which could be centrally maintained thanks to our CMS.

In 2015 we decided to consolidate our website and mobile site into one responsive website for all devices.

Umsatz Online Shop

In 2016 the relaunch of the site with WordPress and WooCommerce shop took place, just before Christmas.

In 2018, when the GDPR came into force, we reviewed all processes for conformity and revised them where necessary.

In 2020 the Corona quarantine showed how wise it had been to invest in a solid webshop. Since the POS had to close for several weeks due to the quarantine, the online shop was able to compensate for part of the lost sales.

We are very pleased to be able to accompany and support such a high-quality and owner-managed retail business over the years. The challenges facing the stationary trade in the Internet age are great. It fills us with pride that Baby Kochs values us as a strong and reliable partner to master those challenges.


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