VDA Directory of Manufacturers

Black Mercedes Benz

VDA Directory of Manufacturers, Online Member Directory Project Owner VDA ¦ Verband der Automobilindustrie e. V. Project Partner Searchmeister GmbH Period 2001 bis 2018 In 2001, we developed the VDA Product Key on behalf of the VDA, which enabled the members participating in the VDA Manufacturers’ Association to classify their products accordingly. We expanded the […]

Auto World

Black Mercedes Benz

Auto World depicted all companies classified according to the VDA product key. In 2005, 2006 and 2007, Auto World participants were identified in the English-language magazine Auto.World, which was published in cooperation between the VDA, made-in-germany.com AG and the Stuttgart-based media house local global GmbH.

Self Hosting InvoiceNinja on ALL-INKL.COM

How to Self-Host InvoiceNinja on ALL-INKL.COM I’ve told you before how much I love Open Source Software. It does not hide any secrets and its developers must have some confidence in their code to make it publicly available. I found an Open Source Tool called InvoiceNinja lately and fell in love immediately. I would not recommend anything to […]

How to let Visitors Opt Out on Google Analytics Tracking

Cookie Monster

How to let your Visitor set an Opt-Out-Cookie for Google Analytics Tracking We have very strict privacy regulations in Germany. You have to monitor that your contractors adhere to regulations concerning personal data. Which for example is that personal data is not allowed to leave the EU. Furthermore you need to inform your visitors on […]

Top 5 Reasons for Costly Warnings in Germany


Do you have a website or YouTube channel? Maybe you even build websites for clients and give advice while doing so. No? But you do have a Facbook, right? Dangerous! All very dangerous here in Germany. According to law office WILDE BEUGER SOLMECKE, the most common reasons to receive heavy fines for not adhering to […]

Share Featured Images with Astra Pro Advanced Hooks

Hook em all

You want to know what made me join Astra’s Affiliate Program? Advanced Hooks is something I can recommend to you in absolute confidence! With those, you can inject anything, even PHP-code, almost anywhere on posts and pages and even into header, footer and sidebar. This is ridiculously powerful but we’re getting off track here. I would […]