Baby Kochs GmbH & Co.

Baby Kochs 2020

Baby Kochs has existed as a specialist shop run by the owner since 1877, when founder Josef Kochs (1856-1917) opened a shop for basketry and prams on Bolkerstraße in Düsseldorf. A business that exists for so long does a lot right in terms of business decisions and business strategies. Baby Kochs has courageously taken on […]

GDPR-compliant comments with WordPress

WordPress GDPR FuckUp

With the 4.9.6 release WordPress has introduced some functions to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation. Unfortunately, the implementation seems rather disgruntled than enthusiastic. In the comments you can now activate a checkbox with which you give permission to save the name, e-mail and website of the commenter for later use in his browser. A […]

Summerparty 2018 Acknowledgements


We would like to thank all our friends, customers, colleagues and great favourite people who could come to our summer party at Im Nordpark. It was so much fun to eat, drink and celebrate with you. Thank you very much for all the great, creative and tasty presents and also very many thanks for the […]

Simple Language Selection for One Pager


When building a One Pager with Bootstrap, I sometimes need to implement a simple language switcher. I usually do this with PHP and have the index.php include head, header, content and footer according to the selected language. This approach has a significant advantage regarding design: I can set different languages depending on text length and make […]

How to Customize your Comment Form Cookies Consent Label

Customise Consent Label

Custom Comment Form Cookie Consent Label You are scratching your head right now about how to do anything with the new Comment Cookie Consent checkbox that came with WordPress 4.9.6, right? Me too. I quickly threw together something to change the label text. Here it is.

GDPR Consented Loading with Page Builders


You are probably as sick of GDPR advice as I am. Well, this is just a simple solution to load external sources like Google Maps, Disqus, Gists from GitHub or anything like that depending on given consent transparently. I’ve tested this solution with Divi, Elementor and Gutenberg even and it is expected to work with any Page […]