Content on the Move with HTTP 301

Image | CC0 pixabay Content on the Move with HTTP 301 One of our customers, Christina, had a problem. For a certain keyword, her content was not listed by Google. Not at all. And this, although it was specifically optimized for this keyword. What was going on? For days we puzzled with all the SEO specialists …

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WordPress GDPR FuckUp

GDPR-compliant comments with WordPress

Image | RF dreamstime GDPR-compliant Comments with WordPress With the 4.9.6 release WordPress has introduced some functions to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation. Unfortunately, the implementation seems rather disgruntled than enthusiastic. In the comments you can now activate a checkbox with which you give permission to save the name, e-mail and website of the commenter …

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Divi Toggle on Mouseover

How to Toggle Divi Toggles on Mouseover We all know and love the Divi Toggle Module, right? Imagine you’d feel the urgent need to toggle that thing not only on click but on mouseover as well. Go ahead, try it with those Elementor toggles. Separate Toggle One Zombie ipsum reversus ab viral inferno, nam rick grimes …

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JavaScript on Divi Buttons

How to Execute JavaScript on Divi Buttons I had to set a cookie via button-click the other day in accordance to achieve the Google Analytics Opt Out required in Germany. I could have queued a JavaScript file  in my functions.php, but I decided to take a more elegant road. I would not recommend anything to you I’ve …

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