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Encryption is a white hot topic these days with privacy violations and security breaches becoming the norm. SSL certificates are expensive though, are they not?

I would not recommend anything to you I’ve not been using enthusiastically myself. Bold links are affiliate links. I recommend what you’ll find there and If you make a purchase, I will get a commission without additional costs to you.

Besides Electronic Frontier Foundation’s HTTPS Everywhere there is The Linux Foundation‘s project entitled to encrypt 100% of the internet, Let’s Encrypt which left BETA recently and issued its two-millionth sponsored SSL certificate. If you feel like reading in depth about encrypting your traffic, there is a great guide over at covering much more than just SSL.

And if you are looking for webhosting Made in Germany with Let’s Encrypt certificates available with one click you should take a look at I’ve yet to find a more reliable, responsive and plain awesome web hosting partner than these lovely folks. Read my review here.


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