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I have worked with sooo many webhosting providers over the years ~ 1&1, Strato, Host-Europe, Mittwald, IP-Projects and several smaller ones to just name a few. I’ve been so impressed with lately that I’ve moved several projects there.


There is a members area meant to manage profile, contracts, bills, etc. and a customer administration area meant to manage domains, mail-accounts, ftp-users and the like. Everything looks clean on the brink of rudimentary which tremendously helps in navigating through the bulk of options we got there. While the members area is available in German only, the administration area (KAS) features German, English and Polish.

They have been among the first to implement free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates. Those could be used from their PrivatPlus tariff and up. You can even edit domain DNS to rerout let’s say a mailing-list-links to your own TLD.


Absolutely nothing to complaign about here. I have yet to see them unavailable after 2 years of service. Their network is fast and reliable at all times.


They leave you alone unless you ask for support via phone or mail. Then their response is fast and competent, albeit not super friendly.

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