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Avada by ThemeFusion


Avada is the number one selling theme at envatomarket. And for a reason. It is the perfect theme if your client has capable web-authoring available inhouse.


The regular license is 59$ which is dirt cheap considering the bazillion developer hours that must have gone into that theme. It licenses the theme for one website (end product) with future updates and 6 months of support, which is extendible by 12 months. My clients are usually amazed by the cost-benefit ratio of buying Avada, setup/brandig the site and receiving little training to use WordPress with Avada’s Fusion Builder.


Avada comes with the Fusion Core plugin and several (18 as of today) demos to chose from for installation. While it is WooCommerce compatible, it is not known to work really well with it.

While Avada is compatible with WooCommerce, we can’t guarantee the same for all of WooCommerce’s extensions …ThemeFusion Support

Otherwise packed with elements that work well in their Fusion Builder (their very own visual composer), it even features a templating engine for posts an pages and nine widgets for sidebars, footer areas and sliding bars. The feature I like most is that 27 shortcodes (of 54 shortcodes in total) are default-configurable in the Theme Options. With that you do not have to copy&paste these shortcodes to make them look the same which makes unifiyng content much less tedious. Impressive!


There is the occasional bug in complex environments like multi-language sites but Avada performs remarkably stable with all those features. The recent update from version 3.8 to 4.0 has been a little bumpy on some sites though, but ThemeFusion got that under control quickly. It is a good thing that ThemeFusion only sells one theme they can concentrate all effort on.


With only one theme on portfolio, ThemeFusion can muster a level of commitment that stands out. They react fast to changes in the WordPress biotope like updated versions and new third party plugins. I’ve set up Avada several times now and have not yet felt the need to contact support once. Their online documantion is comprising and there are plenty of resources are all over the web because Avada is so widespread.


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