Divi Particles Really Easy in 5 Minutes

Divi Particles

Divi Particles | a Really Easy Way to Add them to Your Site

There are plenty articles out there how to add an impressive particle-effect to containers in Divi or any other pagebuilder. They all are like “install this, download that, configure those” etc. Here now, we want to do this the easiest  way possible first and, maybe, go for a little more complexity later on.

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At first you just need to copypaste everything you’ll find here into a Divi code module and give a section, row or module the CSS-ID particles. Done! Now the Divi particles should use the background of the particles element as canvas to draw upon. 

Row Settings Particles

You can then play around with colors, sizes and opacities. Or generate a whole new look here. Try replacing the old part of the script with the new configuration, if you dare.

Particles.js in a well known resource which works well with different frameworks, pagebuilders and, of course, vanilla HTML as well. Look, an Elementor HTML widget:

Adding Divi Particles is really easy, right? Copypasting one script and IDing one element. The average twelve year old could do that.

Would you like to dive a little deeper into JavaScript with Divi? You can learn how to to execute JavaScript when clicking Divi buttons here.


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