Golf Club Hubbelrath

Golf Club Hubbelrath, Land und Golf Club Düsseldorf e.V. is one of the best known and most successful golf clubs in Germany. The extensive golf course in Düsseldorf is located in a beautiful natural landscape.

New times.
New target groups.

Traditional golf has faced new challenges in the past decade: despite various initiatives, interest and membership numbers in Germany have stagnated. Younger target groups expected more flexibility, personalization, and entertainment for their sporting leisure time than the image of golf promised.

Also against this backdrop, Golf Club Hubbelrath has fundamentally rethought its offering and its overall appearance in 2019. In doing so, it wanted to open up to new target groups, but also remain home to the classic target groups and members.

The basis:
Positioning and Corporate Design.

Together with Golf Club Hubbelrath, we developed an updated positioning. The focus was on the leading role in German golf, the high quality of the two golf courses, the comprehensive nature and environmental protection as well as the open welcome culture and pronounced service orientation.

The objective of the new brand identity was to enhance the quality and modernize the appearance at the same time:

Images, colors and typography were completely redeveloped, defined in the corporate design and implemented in the first step for the website of Golf Club Hubbelrath.


The relaunch.

In the course of the relaunch of the website, the technical changeover to the WordPress content management system took place. We realized the site with the page builder Elementor, which allowed a high flexibility in the implementation of the corporate design.

Security, performance and data protection were optimized by appropriate plugins. During the extensive transfer of old content, especially blog posts, the existing ranking was secured by 301 redirects.

By training the employees of Golf Club Hubbelrath in the use of WordPress, blog posts and content changes can be made directly.

More to come:

The website was the first and primary medium to be converted to the new Corporate Design. Other print and social media resources and materials will gradually be adapted to the new brand identity.

We are pleased to accompany Golf Club Hubbelrath on this journey!


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