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Schmidt-Strahl GmbH

Rheinkniebrücke Düsseldorf
Schmidt-Strahl GmbH, headquartered in Meerbusch, formerly Ernst Rademacher GmbH, has been in business since 1914 as a specialist for large area and LED sports facility lighting.

The Client

On the one hand Deutsche Bahn Q1-certified traditional company, on the other hand innovative luminaire manufacturer with its own production, Schmidt-Strahl GmbH needed support in presenting itself and communicating its qualities in the face of increasing digitalisation of marketing communication.

Relaunch of the company website: Tradition modernized.

The website of Schmidt-Strahl GmbH no longer corresponded to the current conditions and requirements: the presentation of the company, its services and products had become outdated in the course of time.

Due to different editorially responsible persons for the maintenance of the website, the visual presentation was no longer consistent. The change in technology towards LED products was not communicated sufficiently clearly. Navigation structure and user guidance no longer met the current expectations of customers and target groups.

Schmidt-Strahl therefore decided to fundamentally realign their communication and relaunch their website, which we conceived, designed and implemented.

The Objectives

The Planning Process

Together with Schmidt-Strahl and our SEO specialist Simone Sarodnick we developed a new navigation structure and user guidance.  The existing content was elaborated and restructured and optimized for keywords. The company information was made more clearly and quickly accessible.

Essential information that was difficult to access on the old website was brought to the fore.

The existing positioning of the company was sharpened in terms of content, and the focus was shifted to the area of differentiation from the competition.

Schmidt-Strahl GmbH

The Screendesign

The user interface and web design was completely rethought and modernized based on the existing corporate design: we slightly changed the corporate color and made it stronger for the display on screens, the fonts used more modern and technical.

The products were uniformly re-photographed and clearly presented. In the same way, the reference pictures were updated and presented in a more prominent way.

The result of the redesign was an open, clear and technical overall impression, with intuitive and fast user guidance.

The Tech

We kept the content management system WordPress, as well as the Avada theme that is currently in use. We optimized data security, data protection and performance substantially and from the ground up.

The hosting including all domains was taken over by us and domain forwarding was optimized and consolidated by us.

The connections to the Schmidt-Strahl ERP software and the resulting delegation of DNS entries were migrated without loss.

The Future

A website as a means of transport for corporate communication thrives on fresh content and continuous development.

Together with Schmidt-Strahl we work in an advisory and supportive manner on the presentation of new products and references, regular news and the successive addition of specific application information. Texts and contents are also continuously optimized to continuously improve the organic search engine results.

Together with Schmidt-Strahl, we have designed a workflow that is geared to the capacities of the company in order to further optimise the website in a continuous process.

We are looking forward to our further common path and we are sure: Schmidt-Strahl GmbH is in good hands with us!


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