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Share Featured Images with Astra Pro Advanced Hooks

via GIPHY Share Featured Images with Astra’s Advanced Hooks You want to know what made me join Astra’s Affiliate Program? Advanced Hooks is something I can recommend to you in absolute confidence! With those, you can inject anything, even PHP-code, almost anywhere on posts and pages and even into header, footer and sidebar. This is ridiculously powerful …

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How to Autoptimize Elementor on Astra w/o Errors

How to Autoptimize Elementor on Astra w/o Errors This Uncaught-Reference-Error is what I get when running Astra with Elementor while optimizing JavaScript with Autoptimize. To fix that I had to exclude jquery.js from optimized scripts like below. I would not recommend anything to you I’ve not been using enthusiastically myself. Bold links are affiliate links. I recommend …

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TKD Cusomer Journey

Custom Marker Map

Custom Marker Map w/o Google Maps While you can do a lot with the Google Maps Styling Wizard, it sometimes not what your client needs. Our client, kremer.agency, had a very specific look pictured to display DOOH metrics that could only be achieved by a custom background image. So we figured Why not quickly make our …

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WTF is Leistungsschutzrecht

  WTF is Leistungsschutzrecht September 2017 IGEL ~ Initiative against Leistungsschutzrecht ~ reports about Günter Oettinger still lobbying for Leitungsschutzrecht in an interview at the Annual Congress of the Association of German Newspaper Publishers (BDZV). Oettinger had changed resorts to Financial Planning and Budgeting recently but had plead to Jean-Claude Juncker to continue to accompany certain topics …

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Divi REduce

Divi Perfomance Enhancement

Image © Elegant Themes Divi vs. Storefront after the Divi Performance Update Nick Roach, founder and CEO of Elegant Themes, just announced a performance update for my favorite theme: Divi. The theme now concatenates and minifies CSS and JavaScript. Wait! Isn’t that exactly what Autoptimize, my favorite concatenation plugin, does?! I would not recommend anything to you I’ve not been using …

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WTF is Liebhaberei

Image | CC0 pixabay WTF is Liebhaberei Imagine you are a  single person company, a freelancer with business registration. Imagine further that you also have a company constituted under civil law running, let’s call it Civlaw GbR, with a friend who also owns a single person business. Bot of you mainly work for Civlaw GbR. The obvious …

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WordPress Gone Wrong

Image via Televandalist How to Fail at WordPress When I get called to the rescue it usually is because of a project getting stuck on something. This time, the development contractor simply refused to keep working on a project they got this far with a 5000€ budget. When done right, you can get really far with a …

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